The KTM Duke 200 has been around for quite some time and has been revered by owners and enthusiasts alike. It does provide a lot of equipment and features which makes it well worth its price tag. But there are two hitches which are annoying, irritating and infuriating – the godforsaken 10,500 Rpm rev limiter and the ruthless 85 Mph (137 Kmph) speed limiter both of which cut in aggressively enough to kill the momentum instantly, possibly leaving you flabbergasted and embarrassed at times.

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Fortunately there are a couple of homegrown options to beat the limiters. We take a look at a remap and a tuning box which are available for the KTM Duke 200.

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ECU remaps are a rather common affair for tuners and especially international tuners who re-program the ECU for a better overall performance from the stock motorcycle. The only issue in importing such ECUs is that if they fail or go kaput then you run a massive risk of being deprived of after-sales service etc. Thus domestic options should always be preferred.

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Kiirus Remap

Kiirus is a tuning outfit based in Mumbai and offers a remap option for the KTM Duke 200. All you need to do is ship your stock ECU to them and they will ship it back the next day after reprogramming it. Their remap is ready for exhaust and intake upgrade and they also have an optional packages which includes the remap, a high-flow air-filter and a custom tuned exhaust for the Duke 200. These products can be ordered separately too.

Watch the following video to check the difference in performance as Kiirus tests the tuned KTM Duke 200 on a dyno.

Stock power of the Duke 200 is 25 Bhp and this is raised to 27.5-28 Bhp. New rev limiter is set between 11500-11700 Rpm which helps attain a top whack of 149 Kmph. Kiirus also promises better mileage, engine heat reduction, smoother power delivery and reduced vibration. The remap has been tested for stress to internal engine components and is virtually untraceable thus warranty is maintained.

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RaceDynamics PowerTune ECU

RaceDynamics is a well known tuning outfit in the Indian road and rally racing circuit. They have developed a piggyback ECU for the KTM Duke 200 which boosts the power output and overall performance of the bike.

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Their PowerTune series is a piggyback electronic control system that modifies the original ECU signals for better performance. Air-fuel ratios, ignition timing, etc is modified through the signals sent from the piggyback system to the stock ECU. This tuning box is a plug and play affair and is attached to the stock ECU. It can be easily removed in case of warranty claims etc.

The performance gain is evident from the above graph where the RaceDynamics tuned Duke 200 is faster than the stock bike. Rev-limiter is pushed to 11,700 Rpm with a top-whack of close to 150 Kmph along with improvements in fuel efficiency and engine heating reduction.

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