India is a country obsessed with mileage, no matter which bike you buy there is always one all time favorite question — “Kitna Deti Hai?” You might laugh at this but to be honest we all have to answer this question given the soaring petrol prices. BikeToq looks at the most fuel-efficient bikes in the 150-180cc category.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i

Price: Rs. 52,940 Ex-showroom Delhi

bajaj discover 150 side profile

The Discover is a commuter, it is a workhorse that is reliable and easy to maintain. To make it appeal to a larger market Bajaj introduced the bike in various states of tune, one of which is the 150cc version with Bajaj’s DTS-i technology.

The bike delivers a claimed mileage of 63 Kmpl making it the top-most fuel efficient bike in our list. The tank however, is a bit small at just 8 liters giving it a range of 504 Kms. The range is good considering that this bike will probably never be used as a tourer.

Hero CBZ X-Treme

Price: Rs. 67,275 Ex-showroom Delhi

hero honda cbz xtreme

The CBZ X-Treme replaced the original and legendary CBZ but could not attain the same level of fame as its predecessor. This was mainly due to competition and also the engine which is shared by other bikes from Hero and the Honda family robbing away its exclusivity. In spite of this the X-Treme has managed to have a fan following due to its performance.

The X-Treme manages to deliver a claimed 60.25 Kmpl which is very good for a 150cc sports bike. This puts it second in our list but ideally the best among 150cc sports bike. Tank capacity is 12.4 liters giving it an excellent range of 747 Kms from a tank full.

Honda CB Unicorn

Price: Rs. 64,002 Ex-showroom Delhi

honda cb unicorn

The CB Unicorn is again more of a commuter because of its riding posture and the relaxed nature of its engine. The styling too is not very exciting but a mid-life makeover with the blackout treatment being given to it makes it look fresher. The Unicorn never entirely appealed to buyers looking for a sporty 150cc bike but came with a monoshock; a first in its class. The Honda engine is reliable, relaxed and has adequate power too.

Third on our list with a claimed mileage of 60 Kmpl, this bike delivers exactly what it was intended to. A sporty commuter, the Unicorn’s tank holds 13 liters of fuel which make it go 780 Kms on a tank full.

Suzuki GS 150R

Price: Rs. 71,705 Ex-showroom Delhi

suzuki gs 150 front left

A hugely under-rated bike, the Suzuki GS 150R is a capable 150cc sports bike with a strong engine and low running cost being its major USP. It is well styled with a GSX-R inspired headlamp unit and a good looking tail-lamp section too. There are no apparent reasons as to why Suzuki did not manage to sell this bike as well as its competitors even though the pricing was just right.

With a claimed fuel efficiency of 59.75 Kmpl, the GS 150R features fourth on our list. The muscular tank holds 15.5 liters of fuel giving it an awesome range of 926 Kms till the next fill-up.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSI-I

Price: Rs. 70,231 Ex-showroom Delhi

bajaj pulsar 180 front right

Bajaj has another contender in our list, the Pulsar 180. This bike is a hot favorite across a range of buyers as it flawlessly combines premium styling, modern technology, power and low running costs. One of the only two 180cc bikes India has, the Pulsar returns a healthy 51 Kmpl against TVS’ Apache RTR 180’s 45.25 Kmpl.

That claimed mileage figure of 51 Kmpl sets it close to the 150cc bikes and that is a good thing considering the capacity and power advantage it has over them. The tank holds 15 liters of fuel giving it a range of 765 Kms, again setting it at par with the 150cc bikes.