The TVS Apache was one of the coolest bikes around not so long ago, but then it just lost out to the competition. TVA gave it an upgrade that made is more aggressive yet they failed to capture the fancy of commuters and enthusiasts alike.

There have been rumours about a bigger 250cc Apache for a long time now, we even did a detailed story about it a few months ago based on a concept TVS had showcased. Now, there is a new picture doing the rounds on the internet of what could very well be the new Apache!

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From what we can see in the photo this particular Apache appears more like a semi-faired bike like the Bajaj Pulsar 220. It is technically a fully-faired Apache but the image does raise doubts about the authenticity of the image. It could very well be a well done modification job someone undertook on the present model.

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The work however appears so neat and seamless that this looks more like a production ready model. The partial fairing itself looks strikingly similar to other bikes if you analyze it panel by panel. There seems to be a bit of the Honda CBR 250R, Bajaj Pulsar 220 and even the old Apache in there. The headlamps may be enclosed neatly in the fairing but sport the same DRL’s that the present Apache has. That is no give away though as TVS might just have designed the bike to keep costs low.

Other things that suggest that this could be the actual production ready 250cc Apache are, the wheelbase which seems to be longer, the absence of conventional shock absorbers at the rear hinting at a mono shock and the high set rear seat. It is rather unusual to see the production ready model directly in this form before a couple spy shots of the test bike. The bike in the image is completely kitted ready with paint and graphics! This either means we’ve all just been taken for a ride thanks to the handiwork of who we must say is an extremely talented modifier or the new Apache launch is closer than we expected!

Do you think this is the actual bike or does it look like a mod job to you? Share your views in the comments section below.

(Photo Courtesy: Club Moto)