The Ninja 300 was recently launched at a price of Rs.3.5 lakh. The bike is great package overall and has upped the game in the segment with a segment first feature; a slipper clutch, amongst other features. However, it is priced at a premium owing to it being a CBU and it is already being debated if the Ninja 300 will survive the onslaught of cheaper performance bikes in the segments.

pulsar 375 vs ninja 300

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Now the Ninja 300 will face stiff competition from many bikes like the KTM Duke 390, even the Mojo 300 if Mahindra can get it right. There is one bike though which isn’t directly its competition yet could leave the Ninja green with envy; the Bajaj Pulsar 375.

kawasaki ninja 300

It is evident that the Pulsar 375 will in no way be able to match the quality or the sheer track prowess of the Ninja 300. Yet, that matters little since the Pulsar 375 will likely offer similar performance for dirt cheap and that is what the Indian enthusiast needs. Motorcycles with good performance have for long been out of the avid enthusiasts reach but the P375 will change all that. Also read: Kawasaki Ninja 300 versus KTM Duke 390: A heavyweight bout!

So can the Ninja 300 stand its ground against our very own homegrown sports bike? Well, yes it can. We however are still going to see how close this face off can get!  This will be based on a spec-to-spec comparo and while the Ninja 300 needs a knock out to save grace, all the P375 needs to get applause are a couple good punches. Also read: Bajaj Pulsar 375 in the works


The Ninja 300 looks very attractive and we can assume that the Pulsar 375 will look good too. However it is unlikely that the Pulsar 375 will be able to match the fit and finish of the Ninja 300. Moreover the Ninja 300 has a big bike feel to its design which the Pulsar may not have. In the looks department we cannot say much since the Pulsar hasn’t been seen but even then the Ninja 300 is a tough nut to crack. Also read: Kawasaki Ninja 300 launched at Rs.3.5 lakh!


This is where things will really get interesting; it’s a question of power over refinement and vice-versa. The Pulsar 375 will likely share the bottom half of its engine with KTM 390 and will sport Bajaj’s Triple-spark head. This engine should produce around 42 Bhp of power and about 30 Nm of torque. Power should be transferred via a 6-speed gearbox.

bajaj pulsar 375

The Ninja 300 on the other hand has a 296cc, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC parallel twin motor that makes 39 Bhp of peak power at 11,000 Rpm and 27 Nm of peak torque at 10,000 rpm. So, yes the Pulsar 375 will most likely be more powerful than the Ninja 300! That is a major plus point for the Pulsar 375 and for all those obsessed with power the P375 delivers! But the biggest question will still be refinement levels and power delivery from the Pulsar against the experience and finesse of Kawasaki.  Also read: 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300: Bookings Open!


Not only is the P375 surprisingly promising in the engine department it is also likely to be “Jaw droppingly” affordable. With the KTM Duke 390 set to be priced at around Rs.2 lakh we can safely assume that the P375 will be at least Rs.20,000 cheaper than the Duke 390. That means it will be priced at around Rs.1.80 lakh which means the Pulsar 375 will likely be Rs.1.70 lakh cheaper than the Ninja 300!

What does all that mean?

Well the Pulsar 375 may be looking like a star in the power and price departments but wait before you pass a judgment. The Pulsar 375 will not have the instrument cluster that the Ninja 300 has , it won’t have a slipper clutch, it won’t be all that great on the track and it will use cheaper quality parts than the Ninja. Also read: Five upcoming 300cc-400cc motorcycles

It will, in all likelihood despite that extra power, be behind the Ninja 300 if put to a track test. However, we’re not sure it these things are enough to woo Indian buyers! Kawasaki will in all likelihood have to start localization to reduce prices because the Pulsar 375 isn’t the only bike out to eat the Ninja’s market.

Which of these two bikes would you buy? Would you spend the extra Rs.1.70 lakh that the Ninja demands for that quality? Share your views in the comments section.