Ather makes its scooters more affordable

So check it out – Ather Energy, one of the OG premium electric scooter makers in India, is finally offering a more affordable option after losing out to newer players like Ola Electric and TVS Motor. Ather had a head start in the game, launching back in 2018 with a powerful electric scooter that had all sorts of fancy features like a big ol’ display. But they didn’t pay much attention to folks who wanted a cheaper ride. Now, with competition heating up, they’re changing things up. According to Abhishek Balaji, the community manager at Ather, they’re “revamping our product offerings to make an Ather scooter accessible to more customers.”

So, what happened? Well, for a while Ather was still leading the pack, selling almost 20,000 scooters while Ola and TVS sold fewer. But then Ola Electric showed up and things started to shift. By FY23, Ola was selling almost twice as many scooters as Ather. TVS Motor also jumped in, and suddenly Ather was playing catch up. One of the main reasons for this was the price difference – Ola and TVS were offering cheaper options.

Now, Ather has made some changes to try and get back in the game. They’ve gotten rid of the Ather 450 Plus and are offering two options instead: the Ather 450X and the Ather 450X with Pro Pack. The cheaper one is priced at ₹1,16,378 in Hyderabad, while the Pro Pack version is ₹1,46,638.