Stella Moto to launch Buzz electric scooter

To bank on the rising demand for electric two-wheelers in the nation another electric scooter manufacturer has decided to enter the country. Recently, Jaidka Power Systems Pvt Ltd, part of the ‘Jaidka Group’ backed Stella Moto Automobili is gearing towards its India debut. According to the newest EV entrant, its first product in the Indian subcontinent will be its Buzz electric scooter. This model will go on sale next month stated the company.

Stella Moto to launch Buzz electric scooter

During the announcement of the company’s entry in India, Gopal K Jaidka, Director of Jaidka Group, said, “We have always had a strong interest in the automobile sector and are excited to enter the electric two-wheeler space. We have spent the last few years developing a strong R&D and technology infrastructure to create purposeful, extremely safe and class-leading electric vehicles.”

He further stated, “We are now prepared to introduce electric vehicles-with the best range, quality features, and design in the country and beyond. We have been watching the EV space evolve over the last few years and have identified some gaps, which we intend to fill with our new product offerings and are confident will be appreciated by end users,”

Stella Moto has already appointed 55 authorised dealers and intends to establish a lot more retail locations in significant cities. In the upcoming year, it plans to hire an additional 200 people. Stella hopes to sell over 10,000 automobiles by the end of the fiscal year, or FY23. The firm now has two production facilities with a combined capacity of 20,000 automobiles per year in Howrah, West Bengal, and Hosur, Tamil Nadu. It intends to increase its manufacturing capacity to 100,000 units. By 2024, the corporation hopes to have completely localised its operations.

In other electric scooter manufacturer news, recently the Taiwanese battery-swapping platform for electric scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles Gogoro which is also a partner of Hero MotoCorp recently unfolded its plans for its India launch. The electric scooter manufacturer behind Hero MotoCorp’s Vida EV scooter’s battery-swapping technology made an announcement that it will be hosting a press conference scheduled for November 3 in which it will be sharing its plans for the future in India.

There is currently no information available from any source that might shed light on the announcement the company plans to make on November 3. However, there are rumors that it could have something to do with its understanding of battery-swapping technology. The massive increase in demand for electric vehicles in India may be motivating the firm to consider expanding there.

Gogoro may also be announcing their plans to establish a system of battery-swapping locations in India to support the Hero Vida V1 and other models of the current generation of scooters with swappable batteries, as well as to entice other manufacturers to investigate and utilize this cutting-edge technological feature. According to other rumors, the Taiwanese manufacturer may introduce an electric scooter for the general public in addition to providing its goods for business-to-business services like delivery and others.