Ola announces MoveOS 4

Ola Electric has just introduced MoveOS 4, a significant software upgrade for its range of scooters. This upgrade marks a significant advancement in the company’s efforts to enhance the riding experience and safety features for its users.

MoveOS 4 introduces over 100 new features and improvements across the Ola scooter portfolio, which includes the S1 Gen 1, S1 Pro (2nd Generation), and S1 Air models. Among the key highlights are the inclusion of Ola Maps with improved navigation capabilities, and advanced riding features like ‘Hill Descent Control’ and ‘Cruise Control’ in eco-mode. The software also boasts AI-Based Indicator Control, which adds a layer of intelligence to the vehicle’s operations.

Additionally, the upgrade brings unique features like ‘Favorites-Only Calling,’ ‘Resettable Tripmeters,’ and a ‘Moods’ feature, which allows riders to personalize their experience. One of the most innovative features is the ‘Concert Mode,’ enabling synchronized music and light shows across multiple Ola scooters, adding an element of entertainment to the riding experience.

The Ola Electric App, also known as the Companion App, has been revamped with new functionalities like a ‘Ride Journal,’ ‘Dark Mode,’ and phone widgets, further enhancing user engagement and convenience. The MoveOS 4 focuses on improving the ownership experience with advanced control features like Geofencing, Timefencing, ride mode limitations, ‘Tamper Detection,’ ‘Fall Detection,’ and passcode reset options. These features are designed to make Ola scooters more efficient, convenient, entertaining, and secure.

The software upgrade reflects Ola Electric’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation in the EV sector. Anshul Khandelwal, Chief Marketing Officer at Ola Electric Technologies, emphasized that MoveOS has always been a technically advanced operating system, and the latest upgrade ensures that their vehicles remain future-proof while offering the best of Ola’s technology to customers.

This update comes as Ola Electric continues to expand its scooter portfolio, offering a range of options including the flagship S1 Pro (2nd Generation), S1 Air, and S1 X series, catering to various rider preferences. The nationwide rollout of MoveOS 4 will enable all Ola customers to receive these updates over-the-air (OTA), signaling a new era of connected and intelligent EVs in the Indian market.