Honda’s CB350 Bikes Now Come with Super Long Warranty!

Honda has just done something really cool. You know those awesome CB350 motorcycles they make, like the Highness and the sporty RS? Well, now they’re giving them a special super long warranty that lasts for 10 whole years! That’s like having a safety net for your bike for a really, really long time.

Here’s the scoop: Some other big motorcycle companies, like Triumph and Harley-Davidson, are getting into the game in India. So, to stay ahead, Honda is making sure their bikes are super safe and reliable. They’re offering two types of warranty plans: the regular one and the super-duper one. Both plans last for 10 years, and the best part is that if you sell the bike, the new owner can still enjoy the warranty.

The super-duper plan is extra special because it takes care of important parts like the engine and other important things that make the bike run smoothly. If something goes wrong because of a factory mistake, you’re covered. And guess what? For the first 10,000 lucky customers, Honda is giving away these warranties for free! This amazing offer started on August 8th, so if you’re one of the first to grab a bike, you’re in luck.

Even if you’re not one of the first 10,000, you can still get the warranty by paying a bit. But it’s totally worth it. And get this – the warranty can be renewed for up to 9 years after you buy the bike! That’s a lot of years of worry-free riding.

Oh, and the whole country is included in this warranty deal. So, no matter where you are, you can enjoy this extra protection. And if you decide to sell your bike, the new owner can keep the warranty too.

There’s also a bonus plan called the ‘Extended Warranty Plus’. This one’s flexible and lets you decide if you want to continue the super long warranty. You can choose from different options, like 3 years, 2 years, or 1 year, depending on how old your bike is. It covers a bunch of important stuff, and even if you sell the bike, the new owner gets to enjoy the protection.

So, all you motorcycle lovers, Honda is making sure you have an amazing time on your CB350 bikes for years and years. With this incredible warranty offer, they’re really stepping up their game and giving other companies a run for their money. It’s a win for all the cool riders out there!