Electric 3-wheelers launched with Tork Motors powertrain and Honda Batteries

The government of India along with numerous visionaries is putting its maximum efforts into making electric mobility mainstream. And in the recent attempt toward a greener and cleaner future, the Thane-based Lith Pwr Mobility Pvt Ltd. launched its newest electric three-wheeler to transform taxi transportation. The company also announced that it has established a partnership with Tork Motors Pvt Ltd. and Honda Power Pack Energy India Pvt Ltd., a division of Honda Motor Company, Japan.

Tork Motors will supply the drivetrain for the electric 3-wheelers under this cooperation, while Honda will supply the Battery as a Service (BaaS) switching technology. Furthermore, Tork has created a system that enables effective and reliable integration for battery swapping services, allowing for maximum mileage from batteries while also ensuring safety and lifespan.

In a press release, the company added that the commercial BaaS activities have already started and that the first stint in Bengaluru is currently home to several switching stations to streamline operations. The pilot project for Lith Pwr Mobility was started in Thane last year.

Speaking on the onset of this partnership, Manish Agarwal, Founder of Lith Pwr said, “With the support of our associate partners who have expertise & experience in electric automotive, we are contributing to the nation building. At the same time, the three-wheeler (auto-rickshaw) industry is considered a major source of pollution in last mile connectivity services. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly rides for daily commutes in metro cities with zero downtime on a swappable battery pack.”

Since 2017, Tork Motors has collaborated with electric 3-wheeler OEMs and is now producing and delivering powertrains to a number of businesses. An axial flux motor powered by a CAN Bus-based controller is used in Tork Motor’s powertrain to deliver maximum power and enable a 94% overall efficiency. Additionally, it has a 2-speed gearbox that provides the best output.

The company claims that the project’s overarching goal is to increase the country’s accessibility to green mobility while also eradicating noise pollution and fostering tranquilly in the environment. This collaboration occurs while NITI Aayog draughts rules to encourage battery swapping in India. The industry will benefit from it and Tork and Honda will be able to jointly offer the most cutting-edge technology and maximum level of efficiency for electric 3-wheelers.

In other Tork Motors related news, recently the Pune-based electric motorbike-making startup Tork Motors recently announced on its social media platforms that to commemorate the 75th Independence day of India, it will be taking only Rs 75 as the booking amount for its first all-electric motorbike Kratos.

The Tork Kratos which was previously codenamed the T6X was unveiled to the public in 2016 and ever since that it has been undergoing extensive research and development. The Kratos is India’s first locally designed and produced motorcycle and has an aggressive and angular futuristic appearance. It features a new and rebuilt trellis frame, telescoping front and rear forks, and front and rear disc brakes.