Honda Teases Sporty Scooter in Latest Video

Honda has released a new teaser video, providing further details about one of its upcoming products. The teasers have hinted at a sporty scooter, and the latest video sheds light on its key features.

Honda Teases Sporty Scooter in Latest Video

The focus of the video is primarily on the scooter’s exhaust note, color scheme, and instrument cluster. Notably, the scooter features a modern-looking, blue-backlit fully-digital console, which includes a tachometer—an unusual element among scooters. This suggests that the scooter is designed with a sporty and performance-oriented approach. Additionally, the console displays the speed numerically and indicates when the side stand is engaged.

The video also showcases the paint scheme of the scooter. It boasts a dual-tone combination of blue and grey bodywork with vibrant yellow accents. The sporty aesthetic is further enhanced by carbon-fiber finishing in certain areas and honeycomb-style graphics. Furthermore, the video offers a preview of the scooter’s throaty exhaust note. While it is believed to be a 125cc offering, Honda may surprise enthusiasts with a larger engine, possibly in the 150-160cc range.

Honda’s international 160cc scooter portfolio currently includes models such as the PCX 160 maxi scooter, Vario 160 sporty scooter, and ADV 160 adventure-styled offering. However, it is unclear whether these specific models will be available in the Indian market. Considering the price sensitivity involved, Honda may introduce a scooter specifically tailored for the Indian market. The official launch date for this product will be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates.