New family electric scooter coming from Ather

Ather Energy is creating a new electric scooter that will be comfortable for families and also be affordable. The company’s CEO, Tarun Mehta, has announced that this scooter will be available in 2024.

Mehta says that this new scooter will have enough space for a family and will be comfortable to ride.

He mentioned, “Many people like our Ather brand and now want a larger scooter that families can use. So, we are planning to offer a new family scooter in 2024. It will have a lot of space and be comfortable for the whole family, and it will be affordable.”

The new Ather family scooter has been seen during testing. It looks traditional with a wide, flat seat and a place to rest your feet. It will probably have LED lights, a digital screen to show information, wheels made of alloy, and a brake disc in the front.

We don’t know all the technical details yet. But it might have the same type of belt drive as the Ather 450X model.