Ola Electric’s Affordable New Scooter S1X Ready to ‘Change the Game’

Ola Electric, India’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer, is launching a new, more affordable electric scooter that it says is “ready to change the game” and kill internal combustion engine scooters.

The new Ola S1X is priced under Rs. 1 lakh ($1,217 USD), making it the most budget-friendly offering in Ola Electric’s S1 series scooters. It is scheduled to launch on August 15, 2023.

“Positioned as an ‘ICE killer,’ it’s ready to rival those internal combustion engine vehicles,” according to an Ola spokesperson. “If you’ve got a budget of Rs. 1 lakh, why settle for a petrol scooter when you can ride the future with the S1X?”

While Ola Electric has yet to release full specifications for the S1X, the company claims it will deliver around 100 kilometers of range. The range-topping S1 Pro has a certified range of 181 kilometers and starts at Rs. 1.4 lakh.

The spokesperson said the S1X’s simple design helps keep costs low. “These cost-saving measures mean more savings for you without compromising on quality.”

Ola Electric sold over 17,500 electric two-wheelers in India in June 2023. The company says the S1X “is ready to change the game” and capture market share from petrol scooter manufacturers.