Ola Teases Neon Green Variant of S1 Air, Pricing and Purchase Details Revealed

Ola teased a vibrant neon green color variant of its popular electric scooter, the Ola S1 Air. The announcement was made via a post on the microblogging site Twitter, generating excitement among electric vehicle enthusiasts. This new color option adds to the already existing lineup of Stellar Blue, Porcelain White, Coral Glam, Liquid Silver, and Midnight Blue variants.

The Ola S1 Air, initially launched last year, has garnered significant attention for its innovative features and competitive pricing. The base variant of the e-scooter was initially priced at ₹1,09,999 (ex-showroom).

Excitingly, the purchase window for the Ola S1 Air is set to open on July 28, offering customers a chance to avail the introductory price. For one day only, all orders placed on July 28th will benefit from the special introductory price of ₹1,09,999. However, Ola Electric has announced that from July 31 onwards, the price will be revised to ₹1,19,999 for all subsequent purchase orders.

Customers who wish to secure their Ola S1 Air can pre-reserve the electric scooter by paying an upfront amount of ₹999. Those who have already reserved the scooter before July 28, along with existing Ola customers, will get the privilege of availing the introductory pricing on the purchase window’s opening day.

The Ola S1 Air stands out with its cutting-edge MoveOS 3 technology, offering users a certified range of 125 km on a single charge. Powered by a 3KWh lithium-ion battery, the e-scooter takes approximately 4.5 hours to achieve a full charge. Remarkably, the scooter boasts impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 40 kmph in just 4.3 seconds and reaching a top speed of 90 kmph.

The Ola S1 Air also comes with three distinct riding modes – Eco, Sport, and Reverse, with an IDC range of 100 km in Eco mode. At a weight of only 99 kg, the e-scooter proves to be significantly lighter compared to similarly priced internal combustion engine (ICE) scooters, making it highly maneuverable and efficient.

Safety features are paramount in the Ola S1 Air, with drum brakes at the front and rear disc brakes ensuring reliable and responsive braking performance. The combination of advanced technology, attractive color variants, and competitive pricing makes the Ola S1 Air an enticing option for eco-conscious commuters and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike.

With the purchase window set to open soon, Ola Electric aims to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions while contributing to India’s push towards sustainable mobility. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the introductory pricing on July 28 to secure this feature-packed electric scooter.

Deliveries for the Ola S1 Air are slated to begin in August, promising an electrifying experience on the roads for new owners of the neon green variant and other enticing color options available in the Ola S1 Air lineup.