Pure EV ePluto 7G Max electric scooter launched

Pure EV has just dropped the ePluto 7G Max electric scooter, claiming it can go a whopping 201 kilometers on a single charge. You can snag one for Rs 1,14,999 (ex-Showroom), but remember that the actual on-road price might change depending on those state-level subsidies and RTO fees.

Now, what’s cool about this scooter is that it’s loaded with some nifty features. It’s got Hill Start Assist, Downhill Assist, Coasting Regen (sounds high-tech, right?), Reverse Mode, and Smart AI to keep that battery in top-notch shape.

Good news for folks across India – you can start booking the ePluto 7G Max, and they’ll start delivering them during the upcoming festive season. Plus, you’ve got four slick colors to choose from: Matte Black, Red, Grey, and White.

Under the hood, there’s a 3.5 KWH battery that’s AIS-156 certified. It’s got all this smart stuff called BMS and Bluetooth connectivity. The powertrain packs a punch with a peak power output of 2.4 kW, and it’s got three different driving modes to suit your style.

Oh, and here’s a cool tech tidbit: this scooter has seven microcontrollers and loads of sensors. That means it’s super smart and can handle updates over the air (OTA), just like your phone.

Rohit Vadera, the big shot behind Pure EV, said this souped-up 7G Max is perfect for people who cruise around 100 kilometers a day and don’t want to deal with constant charging drama.

Now, about that powertrain – it’s got some serious efficiency, boasting over 92%. They’ve also improved the brakes, making them stop on a dime, so you’ll feel super safe. And there’s a clever regen system to boost your range and safety. The MAX model even has a reverse mode and parking assist – it can move at a steady 5 kilometers per hour on its own.

Plus, they’re throwing in a standard battery warranty of 60,000 kilometers and an extended warranty of 70,000 kilometers. So, you’re covered on the road ahead.