Rapo and Romi EV scooters from e-Sprinto

e-Sprinto, a notable electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has broadened its offerings by introducing two new electric scooters, Rapo and Romi. Aimed at college students, independent workers, and urban commuters, these scooters are designed to be both affordable and functional. The addition of these models brings e-Sprinto’s total lineup to six, marking a significant expansion in the electric vehicle market.

The e-Sprinto Rapo is a scooter with impressive dimensions, measuring 1840mm in length, 720mm in width, and 1150mm in height. It boasts a ground clearance of 170mm, making it suitable for various road conditions. The Rapo is powered by a lithium or lead battery coupled with a 250W BLDC hub motor, which is rated IP65 for waterproofing—ensuring durability against the elements. Performance-wise, the Rapo reaches a top speed of 25 km/h and can cover a range of 100 km on a full charge. For comfort during the ride, it is equipped with a front telescopic hydraulic suspension and a rear coil spring with a three-step adjustable mechanism. Safety is addressed with a front disc brake and a rear drum brake, and the scooter has a load capacity of supporting up to 150 kg.

Similarly, the e-Sprinto Romi shares many of the Rapo’s characteristics, such as the ground clearance, powertrain, performance, suspension, and braking system. It slightly differs in dimensions, standing at 1800mm in length, 710mm in width, and 1120mm in height. The Romi continues the brand’s commitment to providing a safe and reliable mode of transportation that can carry the same weight as the Rapo.

Both the Rapo and Romi models come with a suite of modern features including remote lock/unlock capabilities, remote start, an engine kill switch that doubles as a child lock and a parking mode, as well as USB ports for mobile charging. Riders can stay informed thanks to the scooters’ digital color displays that provide comprehensive information at a glance. Aesthetically, both models are available in a variety of colors including red, blue, grey, black, and white, catering to personal preferences.

e-Sprinto has carefully crafted the Rapo and Romi to address the varying needs of consumers, ensuring that affordability and functionality remain at the forefront. These electric scooters stand as a testament to e-Sprinto’s dedication to offering practical, convenient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions in a market that is increasingly leaning towards compact and efficient designs.