RIVOT Motors Launches Upgradable Electric Two-Wheelers with Impressive Range

RIVOT Motors, a pioneering startup based in Belagavi, has unveiled a range of electric two-wheelers with an impressive single-charge range of up to 280 kilometers. The company also announced that all models can be upgraded to achieve an even more remarkable 300-kilometer range. Founder Ajit Patil revealed the designs of three distinct variants at an event held on Monday at the Karnataka Trade Promotion organization hall in Whitefield, Bengaluru, highlighting the company’s commitment to the “Make in India” initiative.

Patil emphasized the groundbreaking features of RIVOT, stating, “RIVOT sets a new standard for electric vehicles in India with its cutting-edge features. It is manufactured entirely in Belagavi. The scooter variants have modular and upgradable designs. It is the world’s first electric vehicle offering an upgradeable range. It starts with a 100 km model, and buyers can expand it to 300 km as their needs evolve. Buyers can pay the difference and update their vehicle.”

RIVOT’s proprietary motor inverter technology stands out for its impressive energy efficiency, delivering a range of 55-60 kilometers per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The scooters’ compact bodies offer a storage space of over 45 liters. The batteries are designed to withstand various climate conditions, and the vehicles incorporate safety features such as face and number lock and fingerprint detection.

During a test ride from Belagavi to Bengaluru, the RIVOT NX100 showcased its exceptional capabilities by covering a distance of 545 kilometers on a single charge, surpassing expectations.

Patil further explained how the vehicle adapts to Indian conditions, stating, “The vehicle’s specialized LiMFP battery chemistry ensures optimal performance in India’s varying temperature conditions. The battery chemistry is engineered specifically for Indian temperature conditions. We have special variants to cater to customers looking for high-power bikes and those interested in off-roading. The unique motor developed by our team combines IPMSM and SynRM technology, offering the best of both worlds: high torque at low and high RPM, unlike IPMSM, which only provides it at low RPM, and SynRM, which offers it at high RPM. With the RIVOT NX100’s enclosed belt drive, the powertrain is protected from the challenges posed by Indian roads.”

These electric scooters come with a range of features, including a combi brake system, onboard charger, dynamic rider profiling, reverse gear, tubeless tires with steel rims, cruise control, and a tire pressure monitoring system. They are also equipped with accessories like a touchscreen with internet and multimedia navigation, phone lock, and ComfortBoot – a rugged ready protection cage.

The pricing for these variants ranges from ₹89,000 to ₹1,39,000. In the near future, the RIVOT NX100 will be available in five variants – Classic, Premium, Elite, Sports, and Offlander. The Street Rider variant will have three sub-variants: Classic, Premium, and Elite, and will be available in seven shades: Black, White, Grey, Mineral Green, Pista, Pink, and Purple. The Sports variant features a white and orange dual-tone design, while the Offlander variant embraces an adventurous Desert color scheme with off-road aesthetics.