Tork Kratos-R Urban Edition Launched

Tork Motors has just dropped the Kratos-R Urban Edition in India, and it’s all set to make your urban adventures a breeze. 🏍️💨

So, what’s the deal with this new electric bike? Well, it’s priced at a cool Rs 1.67 lakh

, and it’s designed with city dwellers in mind. The Urban Edition’s got a better battery performance than the base model, so you can zip around town without a care in the world.

Imagine cruising 100 kilometres on a single charge, hitting speeds of up to 70 kmph. Sounds awesome, right? Sales kick off on August 15, so mark your calendars and head to your nearest Tork Experience Zone.

The big boss of Tork Motors, Kapil Shelke, is super stoked about this launch. He’s all about giving you “uncompromised performance and range at a very accessible price point.” And he’s got his eye on how different riders across the country roll, so this bike’s tailored to fit your urban lifestyle.

Now, let’s talk features. The Urban trim comes with the City ride mode, perfect for everyday commuting. Plus, you’ll get a home charging setup (yep, that’s new!). And for the first 30 days, you’ll get to enjoy all the Kratos-R’s features. After that, you can keep ’em all for an extra Rs 20,000. But hurry, this offer’s only good for six months after purchase.

In terms of looks, the Urban trim’s got you covered with three rad color options: Midnight Black, Streaky Red, and Oceanic Blue. And don’t worry about power; it’s running on the same ‘Axial Flux’ motor, powered by a 4.0 kWh Li-ion battery pack.