Ather 450S launched

Ather Energy has officially launched the 450S electric scooter, a revised version of the Ather 450X, two months after its initial announcement. The new model maintains the same 90 km/h top speed as its predecessor but offers a lower Certified Range of 115 km, compared to the 450X’s 146 km.

One of the standout features of the Ather 450S is its Turn by Turn Navigation system, replacing the Google Maps feature found in the previous model. The scooter is equipped with an LCD screen that includes an auto-brightness option, a departure from the touchscreen in the 450X. Named the DeepView Display, Ather claims it’s the industry’s first 18-segment display, boasting exceptional clarity and high contrast, making it clearly visible in various lighting conditions.

The TrueRange of the Ather 450S is 90 km in Smart Eco mode and 70 km in Sports mode. Both the 450S and 450X share the same fast charging rate using the Ather Grid, allowing the e-scooter to charge from 0-50% at a rate of 1.5 km/min and from 50-80% at 1 km/min. The scooter retains Bluetooth connectivity for music controls and introduces a new switchgear on the left to switch riding modes and access smart features.

Additional enhancements include a park assist button and several safety and security features such as Fall Safe, Emergency Stop Signal, Push Navigation from WhatsApp, and Theft and Tow. The 450S also offers Optimized Charging 2.0, enabling users to choose the optimal time to fully charge the bike overnight.

The starting price for the Ather 450S is set at Rs. 137,950