Hydra eSX electric bike launched in India

To capture the crown for the country’s fastest motorcycle the Dubai-based electric motorbike manufacturing startup Hydra Electric has launched its all-new motorcycle – HYDRA eSX. The company has introduced this electric sports bike in an attempt to gain an early mover advantage in the Indian subcontinent where the demand for electric motorbikes is increasing day by day. The company also specializes in the modeling and development of electric vehicles as per the industry demand.

Commenting on the launch of the all-new Hydra eSX, the Founder and CEO of Hydra, Fahad Hafiz said, “We are really excited to launch the HYDRA eSX superbike in the Indian market. We are also proud to announce that eSX is the fastest e-bike in India. With this e-bike, we are aiming to provide Indian bike enthusiasts with a whole kind of high-speed experience. Moreover, the e-bike is designed and manufactured exclusively for Indian roads. So, if you are a speed demon, HYDRA eSX will definitely win your confidence.”

The eSX Electric Motorcycle is India’s fastest Electric Motorcycle, reaching a peak speed of 165 km/h. It has a 210-kilometer maximum range on a single charge. Additionally, it has a 0-100km/h acceleration time of under 2.9 seconds. According to Hydra Electric, the company has developed eSX superbike keeping in mind India’s road conditions. As of yet, the details on the bike are very scarce but we will get to know more about it in the near future.

Hydra is a brand-new electric vehicle manufacturing startup with its headquarters in Dubai that was founded in 2021. The company was founded by Fahad Hafiz, a prominent serial entrepreneur. Hafiz, the founder, and CEO of Hydra, has a wealth of expertise in a wide range of industries, including finance, oil and gas, travel, automotive, cryptocurrencies, and fintech. He created the framework for Hydra Electric to take advantage of the rising demand for EVs on the international market.

Hydra Electric also claims that it is more than a motorcycle manufacturer, it stated that it also runs a non-profit research facility in the UK and is committed to creating automotive technologies that will contribute to a better future. Hydra’s R&D Lab has assisted in the creation of at least a dozen patents and is backed by the famous investment company Syndicate Investments, which has an AUM of more than $1 billion. Additionally, the company is in discussions with a number of market professionals about launching an IPO once it sells 1,000 bikes. After the IPO, it will further launch cutting-edge technologies into the market for heavy vehicles.

In other electric motorbike news, recently Royal Enfield revealed that it will is ramping up efforts to bring electric vehicles to its product portfolio both for India and the global markets. The company stated the first Royal Enfield electric motorcycle will be launched in 2025, the retro-motorcycle giant has begun hiring people for its electric vehicle business, which is expected to be set up as a new vertical.