Royal Enfield 750 cc motorycle coming in 2025

Royal Enfield, the world’s largest mid-size motorcycle maker, is set to break new ground with the development of a 750cc bike, marking a significant expansion of its product portfolio. The new platform, codenamed R, is expected to produce several variations of the 750cc bike, with the first being a 750cc Bobber motorcycle, codenamed R2G.

The development of the R2G is based on critical feedback from various markets, including India, North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. The lead development is taking place at Royal Enfield’s tech centre in Leicester, UK. This new addition is set to be the largest motorcycle in Royal Enfield’s portfolio in decades, sitting at the top of its product lines.

The move comes as global premium motorcycle makers Harley and Triumph are readying their entry mid-size motorcycles to challenge Royal Enfield. Siddhartha Lal, MD of Eicher Motors, has stated that the company’s core focus will remain on mid-size motorcycles, ranging from 350cc to 750cc. This new development completes the powertrain portfolio, which currently ranges from 350cc to 650cc engines.

The 750cc bike is another iteration of its twin-cylinder 650cc engine, designed to cater especially to key international markets like North America and Europe. The bike is expected to be positioned in the middle of large-sized premium motorcycles, offering an upgrade option to 350cc bike owners in emerging markets and providing an alternative to evolved market buyers.

The company plans to come out with multiple product offerings for almost every engine node, including 350, 650, or 750. While the Bobber 750 is the first off the mark, several other ideas are being explored. If the company creates anything larger than 750cc, it is most likely to be in an EV avatar.

According to a report from Car Blog India, the Royal Enfield 750cc bike could be priced around INR 2.85 lakhs in India, making it the most expensive RE motorcycle, yet still holding a definite edge over the likes of Harley Street 750. The bike is expected to play a significant role in making high displacement biking more accessible to the masses.

The Royal Enfield 750cc bike is expected to launch in early 2025. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of mid-size motorcycles.